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SEP 17TH, 6PM - 7PM

“He’s good” - TV3 
“Very good” - TVNZ 
“He nails it” - Prime TV

See public Trump at a rally AND private Trump in therapy! The Don's had a hard life – he’s never fitted in, his dad hated him, and he’s in a minority group (the top 1%). After taking control of America, he digs deep and realises it’s time to take control of his own life. In his 73rd year, he will finally ignore his parent’s expectations and pursue his childhood dreams of becoming a hip-hop recording artist.

As seen in The Wall Street Journal (US) 
World Top 10 Trump Impersonator (Laugh Factory, Hollywood)

M15, contains adult themes and offensive language 


SEP 18TH, 6PM - 7PM

“Fantastically entertaining” - Theatreview

This pick-up artist turned motivational speaker tears down the fourth wall like a Mack truck and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. Far from being just for the guys, Enigma’s here to help FEG’s (Future Ex-Girlfriends) be the best they can be too! Packed with demonstrations, jokes, and more than a little eye shadow, this is the beginning of the rest of your life: the part with all the sexy bits.

Nominated Best Comedy, 2018 Palmy Fringe Festival 
Nominated Best Solo Show, 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival 
Nominated Outstanding Performer, 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival 
Nominated Edgiest Show, 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival

M15, contains adult themes and offensive language 


SEP 19TH, 6PM - 7PM

“Rural New Zealand comedy at its best” - Theatreview

Brought up in small town New Zealand with 18 brothers and sisters (only four of whom survived being cut off his back), life was tough for Fred. He had to work hard to stand out. In his quest to become Featherston’s #1 everything, he’s tried taxidermy, male modelling, cheesecake decorating; the stories get weirder the longer you let him run his mouth. Fred’s been in more than a few “somewhat compromising positions” – this is one old man you don’t want to miss! 
Alexander’s past critically acclaimed solo shows include DJ Trump, de Sade, and ENIGMA.

"Larger than life... a recipe for entertainment." - Theatreview

M15, contains adult themes and offensive language 


SEP 20TH, 6PM - 7PM

“strangely entertaining” - Dominion Post

A one-man show about the real-life perverted philosophical powerhouse, the Marquis de Sade! This show throws open the cell doors of the darkest mind in history. Imprisoned for a decade without visitors, the Marquis reveals how he came to be locked up, shares the gritty details of his personal life, and teaches everyone the joys of anarchy. Complete with unbelievable audience demonstrations and improvisation, you don’t watch Sade, you meet and speak with him . . . no other performer has embodied the Divine Marquis quite like this. 
“hilarious” Kiwiblog 
“Comedic genius" - Regional News 
“Bespoke, artisan comedy" - Wellington Reviews 
“Reaches outrageous heights... hilarious” - Theatreview

R16, Contains sexual themes (obviously) 


SEP 21ST, 5.45PM - 7.15PM

“He’s good” - TV3 
“Very good” - TVNZ 
“He nails it” - Prime TV

One man, two acts, 40 characters. Alexander Sparrow started playing the US President before Trump won the election – and hasn’t stopped since. Trump is battling against the world, his staff, and his wife. When the stress kills him, Trump’s soul decides he has some unfinished business to attend to. And who better to possess than the Southern Hemisphere’s #1 Trump impersonator? This comedy-horror is Alexander's most ambitious Trump show yet, featuring appearances from Putin, Dr Phil, Oprah, and many, many more. Run time includes 10-minute interval. 
"impressive energy, humour, invention . . . an astounding feat of memory" - Theatreview

M15, contains adult themes and offensive language 


merry Wives of Windsor
SEP 17th - 21st, 7.30pm - 9pm

“superb acting . . . a resounding success” - Theatreview

Starring Katie Boyle (Hamlet, Pop-Up Globe, 2016). Sir John Falstaff, the fat knight, is coming to town. Short of money to pay his men, Falstaff attempts to woo Mistress Page and Mistress Ford at the same time. When the wives discover his intentions, they seek revenge - getting the whole town of Windsor involved in the process! Featuring the infamous knight, a Welsh parson, a flamboyant hotel owner, a drunk pickpocket, and many more memorable characters. This interactive version of the play brings the bard's crazy array of characters to life, all played by one (very fit) actress. 
A solo show by Sparrow & Boyle Entertainment. This is not a Pop-Up Globe show.

“high-speed romp offers jolly entertainment” - Otago Daily Times 
“brilliant . . . keeps the audience enthralled” - River City Press


Whanganui season


merry Wives of Windsor
SEP 22nd - 25th, 7pm - 8.30pm

I mean, it’s the same as above… but here’s some more reviews…

“par excellence . . . Boyle is a powerhouse” - Theatreview (Dunedin)
“She is a force . . . brings Shakespeare to life” - Theatreview (Nelson)
“a masterclass in physicality . . . a phenomenal talent” - Theatreview (Palmerston North)
“a funny 80-minute romp . . . [with] rapid-fire quick-step comic portrayals” - Manawatu Guardian
“We are so lucky to have live theatre of this calibre . . . an excellent performance” - Snowfed (Methven)
“bring[s] Shakespeare’s characters to life in delightful fashion . . . an incredible feat of acting” - The Star (Dunedin)

Macho Ado Banner.jpg

much ado about nothing
SEP 29th - Oct 2nd, 7pm - 8.30pm

Fresh from his premiere season of Shakespeare’s classic, starring award-winning character comic, Alexander Sparrow!

Lady Beatrice and Signor Benedick are always at each other’s throats – and not in a sexy way. The witty Benedick; Don Pedro, the prince; and Claudio, a brave soldier, return from the wars to find peace in Messina. Claudio gets engaged, Beatrice and Benedick exchange harsh words, and things are good… until Don John hatches a plan to gain Claudio’s glory and ruin his marriage before it’s even begun. Featuring some of Shakespeare’s most famous comedic characters – Beatrice; Benedick; and dim-witted head of the local watch, Dogberry. This interactive version of the play brings the bard's crazy array of characters to life, all played by one (very fit) actor.

Alexander’s past critically acclaimed solo shows include DJ Trump, de Sade, ENIGMA, and Fred From Featherston.
He has performed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London, as part of SGCNZ’s Young Shakespeare Company.


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